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Some 18th century Huguenot residents of Aungier Street

18th century property deeds for Aungier street are dominated by David Digges(Digues) La Touche (1671-1745): the soldier turned weaver turned banker from Blois in the Loire Valley, who invested in numerous development plots in the Aungier estate and lived on the west side of the street from the early 18th century. His presence attracted many more of his fellow Huguenots during the second phase of the street's development in the 1720s. The following is a list of some of those Huguenots found in various property leases at the Registry of Deeds,Dublin, during the 18th century. Arranged alphabetically, there are at least 39 surnames here. Relationships are stated where possible as is approximate location of person's dwelling on the street. The average width of the houses involved was between twenty and twenty-five feet. The list may prove useful to local historians and those interested in Huguenot genealogy in Ireland.  

Arabin/Arabine,John, Esq.Deed of assignment from Sheriffs  of county and city of Dublin, one of whom is Charles Nobileau. 1757. 

Audoiun,Simon,merchant. Wife Elizabeth. 1734. Rents house east side to Moses Coudere.

Audoiun,Elizabeth.Husband Simon. 1734. House east side to Moses Coudere. 

Boursiquet,James,merchant. 1791. House east side rented from William Bolton Esq. Property also connected to the Michell family of Carlow below. 

Brunnell, Samuel, shoemaker. 1761. House east side of street rented from Pauline Messonnier. 

Calvairac,David, gent. 1725. House east side of street rented from Bernard Correges. 

Castleneau,Charles. 1727. Occupation not stated. House east side of street associated with Bernard Coreges.

Coreges/Correges/Corregas (Bernard,brazier.Wife Mary Coreges.)

Coreges,Benjamin,goldsmith. 1727. A relative of Bernard. 

Correges, Joseph, jeweller.1744.

Coreges/Correges/Corregas, Mary. Husband Bernard. 1730s.  

Coudere,Moses, merchant. 1734. House east side rented from Simon Audouin.

Delamain,William,gent. House west side of street rented from Rev. Thomas Taylor,Archdeacon of Armagh. 1743.

Dapremont, Brigadier General Francis. 1727. House west side of street leased from Pierre Picard.  

Daulhat, Peter, gent. See Vignoles. 1750. 

DeGenes, John Daniel, Portarlington, Esq., Jane DeGauly, widow, city Dublin. House on east side of Aungier St. previously occupied by Mrs LaCour. Witness Andrew Matre. Elizabeth Arlaud. Mentions also Columbine LeCaré, Esq., attorney of JD DeGenes. 1766.

Degrangues, Henry, Esq. House on west side of street from Thomas Buckley,carpenter. 1736. Mr Butler’s house to north. Mr Smurfitt’s house to south. Longford Lane to the west. Witness Joshua Smurfit, painter. 

DeGauly. See DeGenes. 

Devillette, Rev. Charles Louis. See Godeau and Durand. 

Dezouche, Isaac, upholder. 1785. House and workshop west side of Aungier St. from Charles Boyland, Great Longford Street, gent. 

Duchesne/Duchasne, Michael,gent. 1727. Deed with Bernard and Benjamin Coreges. House east side of street. 

Dumas, William Dumas, aka Montauban, tailor. Wife Judith Dumas. Witnesses Adam De Glatigny, gent. John Darquier, surgeon. 1727. David Digges La Touche/Dumas.Deed 55.230.

Durrant(Durand), Ann, widow. 1760. Trustee along with David Digges La Touche and others of marriage settlement between James Michell and Ann Godeau. 

Fabré,Pauline, widow. 1729. Rented house east side of street from Bernard Coregas,brazier. One of witnesses is Noah Viales, jeweller. Pauline Fabré named as administrix of estate of Bernard Coregas.

Gerverau, Captain Isaac. 1730s. See Nairac.

Godeau,Samuel Godeau, goldsmith. 1751. See Abraham Michell.

Godeau, Ann, widow of Samuel Godeau, goldsmith, who is dead by 1760. Ann Michell otherwise Godeau, their daughter. David Digges La Touche, guardian to Ann Michell. Abraham Michell, Carlow town, tanner, James Michell, son of Abraham. Also mentions Rev. Charles Lewis DeVillette trustee in  Marriage settlement between James Michell and Ann Godeau Jun. 1760. 

Guyon,Daniel, merchant. House east side of Aungier St. from Robert Preston, carpenter. 1729. Witness Arthur Vignoles,gent. 

LaCour, Mrs.Occupies house on east side of Aungier Street. 1766. See DeGenes. 

Lagrue, John, carver and guilder. 1780. Lease of back house and premises lately built by and from James Crosthwaite, timber merchant on east side of street . Chapel Lane to east, store house of Philip Beere to north. 

Maretlarive (Maret Larive), Captain John. 1728. House on west side from Jacob Poole, merchant, bounded on south by dwelling belonging to David Digges LaTouche Senior. 

Marriott,Joseph, gent. Piece of ground and three storey house on east side and on corner of York Street from Dennis Campbell, gent. 1714. A previous deed from 1680 for this property was between John Horne (Herne? ), bricklayer, and Henry Mocker, innkeeper.   

Messonier,Joseph, gent,husband of Paulina otherwise Fabré. 1744. House on east side of Aungier St. occupied by Anthony Kennedy. 

Messonier, Pauline, wife of Joseph. House on east side of street to Samuel Brunnell, shoemaker. 1761. Witness Noah Vialas/Viales, jeweller and Lewis Mongrand, merchant.

Michell, Abraham, Carlow town, tanner. Son James. James married to Ann Godeau, daughter of Ann and Samuel Godeau,goldsmith. 

Michell, Samuel Esq. 1791. House east side of street. Likely related to Abraham and James Michell above. 

Mongrand, Lewis. Witness involving Messonnier property deed. 1761.  

Montauban, See Dumas. 

Nairac, John, merchant. 1735. Deed on house in Aungier Street from Captain Isaac Gerverau.

Also rents house from Moses Coudere, merchant, east side. 1734.  

Picard, Pauline. Also Fabré. Also Messonier. Executrix of will of Bernard Coregas,brazier.

Picard, Pierre, brewer. House west side of street to Brigadier General Francis Dapremont. 1727.

Poujade, Jane, widow. 1780. House east side Aungier Street. From Henry Blennerhassett, gent. 

Vateau, Peter, tanner. Plot of ground west side of street bounded on north by house of Wm? 

DeVignoles. 1755. 

Viales/Vialas, Noah, jeweller. Witness to deed involving Pauline Messonnier. 1761. 

Vigneau/Vignau,Philip, merchant, only son of Isaac. Wife Susanna Vigneau, otherwise Morgan. House east side of street formerly occupied by James Murtagh, victualler, demised to Philip Beere. 1780. House beside dwelling on the corner with Stephen Street.

(De)Vignoles, Arthur, witness to Daniel Guyon’s deed. 1729. 

DeVignoles, William? See Vateau. 

(De)Vignoles, Mary Ann, widow. House east side of Aungier St. to Peter Daulhat,gent. 1750.

Viridet, Rev. Abraham, clerk in holy orders. 1728. House east side of street newly built by John Masterson, carpenter. One of the witnesses is Matthew Pagiett, clerk to Ben Johnston, notary public. 

Denise Dowdall



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