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Ancestry of a Tinseltown Trail blazer

Maureen O’Hara, one of the most successful and enduring Irish women in Hollywood, was born Maureen Fitzsimons, in Ranelagh, Dublin, on the 17th of August 1920. Her father, Charles Fitzsimons, had long-standing roots in Kells,Co. Meath, where he was born in 1885. Her mother, Rita Lilburn, was born in Dublin in 1898. O'Hara's Lilburn ancestors were likely from Ulster or Scotland originally.

Other surnames in Maureen O’Hara’s family tree include: Blythe, Tormay, Smith and Burton. The Blythes were originally from Castleblaney. The Smiths and Tormays came from Meath while the Burtons had their origins in County Down.


Bartholomew (Bartle) Fitzsimons. Blacksmith/Farrier at Suffolk Street, Kells, County Meath. Born in 1855. Keen supporter of the Land League movement of the 1880s. A somewhat rebellious figure, appearing in the Kells Petty Sessions records of the 19th Century many times. e.g. 1858 : 'Threatening to 'knock out brains' of Patrick Sheridan at Fordstown. 1886: Trespassing with his greyhounds on the lands of C. A. Nicholson’s at Balrath in pursuit of game. Allowing his dog to wander the town without a muzzle.'

Married Bridget Tormay 7/1/1878 Kells, Co. Meath. Died in 1926.

Bridget Tormay. Born Kells in 1856 to James Tormay and Bridget Smith. Married Bartholomew Fitzsimons 7/1/1878. The mother of 12 children, 10 of whom survived to adulthood. Died Suffolk Street, Kells, 13/5/1921.

James Lilburn. Born Co. Kildare about 1860-1. Member of the Church of Scotland. Worked for the Dublin Metropolitan Police. Based at College Street Station. He was 6 foot 1/1/2 and from the parish of Castleknock when he joined the force in 1882.

Margaret Blythe, of Beechwood Lodge, Malahide. Born Ballinclea, Baltinglass 16/10/1865. Church of Ireland. Married James Lilburn at St. Andrew’s Church Malahide, 6/4/1892. Died in 1909 aged 43 of influenza.

Great Grandparents

Patrick Fitzsimons. Blacksmith. Kells,Co. Meath.

James Tormay. Thatcher, Kells Co. Meath . Born Kells? ~1824. Died Kells in 1882.

Bridget Smith. Born Kells. Died at John Street,Kells on 17/10/1886.

Henry Lilburn . Born Castleknock ? 1818. Joined DMP aged 19 in 1837. Over 6 feet tall like his son, James. Made sergeant in 1840. Pensioned in 1853.

William Blythe. Born ~1812. From Castleblaney Co. Monaghan. Worked as a steward/ gardener on estates at Ballinclea Baltinglass, Newgrove Coolock and latterly Beechwood, Malahide. (Owned by the Trumbull family. Now Malahide Golf Club. ) Married Margaret Burton at St. Thomas' Parish, Dublin, 5/4/1865. Died Beechwood, Malahide 17/2/1895.

Margaret Burton. Born in Co. Down in 1832. Died Beechwood , Malahide 16/9/1906.

Great Great Grandparents

Samuel Blythe. Farmer.

James Burton. Gardener.

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