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The Kennys of Herbert Hill Lodge Dundrum

In their 2017 article on Herbert Hill House, Dundrum, June Bow & Karen Poff make sure to mention those individuals who staffed the house in the early 20th century.

One family who could also be added to this list were the Kennys. Patrick Kenny was the gardener at Herbert Hill and he and his Wexford-born wife, Margaret Rossiter, occupied the Gate Lodge at the main entrance on the Enniskerry Road. In the 1911 census , Patrick Kenny, a Dubliner, was 56 years old. Century Ireland reported that when the First World War broke out, the Kennys had four sons fighting in the war within a month, a sort of record. They were Thomas, Gregory, Charles and William Kenny. For this reason, Patrick and Margaret Kenny received a letter of thanks at their Dundrum home from King George V. Historyeye checked the records to see if all four survived the War. Miraculously they did.

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