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Irish genealogist

Irish Heraldry Quiz


1. What century is modern heraldry thought to date from?


2. In what year was the office of the Ulster King of Arms, the chief office for Irish heraldry,      founded?


3. Where were the records of the Ulster King of Arms kept?


4. What is the title of the official Scottish herald?


5. What charge is particularly prevalent in Scottish heraldry?


6. What was the name of the process of distinguishing the coats of arms of different branches of the same family ?


7.  What was the name of the process of combining two coats of arms on one shield to mark an alliance through marriage ?


8.  What is the abbreviated description of a coat of arms ?


9.  What term describes an object represented by its natural colour?


10. Which well-known motif on a shield is particularly associated with the French royal family?


11. In which Irish graveyard is the Ulster King of Arms, Sir William Betham (1779-1853), buried?


12. Which Irish herald and genealogist was shot dead by the IRA at his Kerry home in April 1921? 


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